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The ACM Program Solutions
Leading The Movement In Functional Excellence 
If you are looking for continued education credits or serious about expanding your knowledge and skills in human movement science, ACM has the solutions for you. We are dedicated to your success and developing the programs and services that truly impact lives.
We Are Dedicated To Delivering the Most Valuable Solutions For Your Success
Masters Level Certification
Developed for SERIOUS Health and Fitness Professionals who are looking to advance their knowledge, skills and results and gain a deeper understanding for the complexity of human movement. 

You will learn how to effectively IDENTIFY and CORRECT the most underlying movement pattern dysfunctions that lead to pain, injury and poor performance with our Masters Level Exercise Therapy Specialist Certification Course. 
Foundation Level Certification
Obtain your valuable CEU credits with our Foundation Level ACM Exercise Therapy Specialist Certification Course and learn how to perform one of the most effective movement pattern assessments in a fraction of the time.

Gain a deeper level of understanding for human movement and develop the skills to identify the most underlying dysfunctions that contribute to pain, injury and poor physical performance. 
ACM Assessment Software
The exclusive ACM Assessment Software Solutions will save you time and showcase your expertise. Perform assessments quickly, either in person or online, and deliver our proven corrective solutions immediately.

Take advantage of our free 14 day trial to showcase an added value program that your clients are willing to pay top dollar for and generate the results that keep them coming back. 
ACM Corrective Exercise Programs
You know longer need to guess at where to start and what to do. Our proven corrective exercise programs were designed with over 25 years of experience in the exercise therapy field, to help you deliver the results clients will feel immediately. 

Differentiate yourself by providing results immediately and making a tremendous difference in your clients lives.
ACM Pain Free Corrective Programs
Pain shouldn’t limit you from living an active and fulfilling life. Unfortunately many of your clients and maybe even you, suffer from previous injuries, pain and discomfort that can make it challenging for you to enjoy the things in life that really matter.

Our Exclusive Pain Free Programs are a series of 3 progressive corrective exercise programs that focus on improving the most underlying movement dysfunctions and postural compensations, re-establishing your bodies recovery process and improving your physical capabilities. 
Professional Development 
Your learning should not be limited to just what you learn in a book. Having a mentor to help you grow your knowledge and skills is invaluable and what we are proud to offer.

We believe in supporting every client and offering our experience and expertise to see you succeed. Our Professional Development program will give you the guidance, support and confidence to be the most effective ACM Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist. 
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Q: What is the ACM System Program?
A: The ACM fundamental movement assessment and corrective exercise program was developed over the past 25 years working with professionals in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Ergonomics and the Health and Fitness industries.  

We recognized that the traditional approaches toward improving health and fitness and helping people recover from chronic pain and injury were limited, both in the methods and approach.  

Our core mission is to provide the most relevant education and practical knowledge to helping others learn the true cause of injury and pain and the most appropriate ways of correcting the contributing underlying conditions. 
Q: Why should I trust you?
A: This is probably my favorite question because my answer is always the same; “You shouldn’t trust me”, “You shouldn’t trust anyone actually”.  You should be your own doctor, therapist, trainer etc.  You need to learn as much as you can and take 100% responsibility for your health and life.  I will never ask anyone to trust me based on just my credentials and even my experience.  

You see, we have gotten so complacent in our lives and put too much trust in others because we want the easy fix and not have to do the work.  So, don’t trust me, trust what your body is telling you, trust what the ACM tells you and how you feel following the corrective exercise program.  I am just here to show you what to do and let you experience what happens to your own body. You will begin to trust your own body and have knowledge and experience to make the right decisions every time.   This is what makes the ACM program so unique, it sells itself!
Q: How will the ACM System and Education programs benefit me?
A: Our mission was to design a program that could be taught and understood by those who are serious about improving their skills and knowledge in functional movement and corrective strategies and helping others with their knowledge.  The ACM and its certification courses will train you beyond just understanding the basics.  We believe that the value in the ACM program and the certification course is that you are able to comprehend the assessment and be effective at delivering the corrective exercise results.  This program will take your experience in functional and postural assessment to a much deeper level and you will have a resource to:
  • Implement the programs immediately
  • Provide your clients with easy to understand benefits of corrective exercise therapy.
  • Develop your own corrective strategy or pick from our proven pre-designed program library.
  • Increase your credibility and differentiate yourself from the rest
  • Generate increased revenue with an entirely new client base and provided that necessary added value to your current programs and services.
  • Become independent from working for someone else and develop your own business around the Corrective Exercise Therapy.

Q: I’m excited, how do I get started in movement assessment and corrective exercises?
A: The first step is to become a Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist through ACM.  This program will teach you exactly how to assess and correct your clients and more importantly understand what that assessment means.  Once you have your ACM CETS you can begin assessing clients immediately and will gain access to the ACM 360 PRO Online assessment tool and additional resources. 

 As you are working with clients, even before you become certified with ACM I am positive you noticed things about their gait, or something different about their posture or the way they do certain exercises.  Something doesn’t look right, maybe their knees turn inward.  You many notice they have a huge hump (kyphosis) in their back when they bend over or one foot turns out more than the other as they do an exercise.  See all the signs are already there, it’s understanding what that means and how to correct what you are seeing is what the ACM Certification course will teach you.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get to the centre?
The map and Contact details are listed within the contact information. You may also call to get more accurate details.
What payment types do you accept?
We accept paypal and major credit cards, including American Express. You may also pay at the centre. But please call us to join the club.
I have medical problems. Can I join?
Sure. Our instructors will warn before doing fitness job that are harmful for that medical condition. So keep away from doing that.
Can I get a refund?
Yes. The first 3 days of your membership is completely free. You may cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied.
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