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The ACM Corrective Exercise Programs!
Deliver Extraordinary Results And Expand Your Knowledge and Skills With Our Proven Movement Pattern Corrective Exercise Programs
The Six Specific ACM Corrective Exercise Programs Promise:
Establish Your Expertise
You need the knowledge and resources to establish yourself an an expert in corrective exercise therapy. Our ACM Corrective Exercise Programs will help you stand out from the rest.
Results you can Count On
Your clients expect the best and with our Corrective Exercise Programs you will exceed their expectations and deliver extraordinary results that will last.
Advance your Career
The Health and Fitness Industry is competitive and you need to stay ahead of the game. ACM provides the most valuable and effective corrective exercise programs available to see you succeed.
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The ACM Corrective Exercise Programs
Corrective Exercise Essentials Training Workbook

The field of corrective exercise therapy is growing fast and you will need to be at the forefront of this industry to establish your expert status and differentiate yourself from the rest. Our Corrective Exercise Essentials Training Workbook will give you the background, knowledge and insights to gain a greater understanding of the complexity of human movement and how to become effective at producing extraordinary results with your patients and clients.

This 20 plus page book will give you a head start in developing the knowledge and skills to assess physical dysfunctions and provide corrective strategies that will benefit your patients and clients tremendously. You will learn how our proven movement pattern corrective exercises create the foundation to improving physical performance and how to effectively grow your expertise in the field of corrective exercise. 

Ankle Mobility Corrective Program

Ankle joint mobility is critical with basic and advanced upright human movement patterns. The ability to walk, step up or down stairs and even squat effectively require that a person has adequate ankle mobility. Limitation in dorsiflexion of the ankle can and will create compensated movement patterns throughout the body including the immediate joints above and below the ankle.

The inability of the ankle joint to move well changes the dynamics of how the rest of the body must move efficiently. Limitation in ankle mobility can manifest postural and movement pattern compensation elsewhere in the body that cannot be addressed without correcting ankle mobility first.

Toe Touching Corrective Program

The ability to touch your toes is one of the most significant fundamental movement patterns to establish and one of the greatest underestimated influences on overall body mechanics. The Toe touching pattern can reveal many dysfunctional movements and expose an individual to excessive stress to the low back and knees. Limitation in toe touching can manifest from many dysfunctions associated to hip range of motion as well as postural stability. 

Improving your Toe Touching pattern will help improve the relationship of stability and mobility necessary for overall postural integrity and authentic movement. It is important to improve the ability to touch your toes to ensure you are not placing excessive stress throughout the entire body.

Backward Bend Corrective Program

The ability to bend backwards may seem unnecessary however due to an increase in sedentary postures like sitting for long periods of the day as well as slouching and rounded back postures this movement pattern can become very limited. The backward bend pattern may feel uncomfortable and create tension or discomfort however this is due to a lack of the correct segments of the body to work effectively together. 

Improving the backward bend pattern will ensure an individual’s ability to create healthy movement of their spine as well as adequate hip extension mobility necessary for efficient walking, reaching overhead and establishing upright balance. This assessment pattern is generally overlooked from a fundamental approach due to most individuals having difficulty in extension however must be improved.

Standing Rotation Corrective Program

Human movement is not limited to flexion and extension patterns, in fact the ability to rotate is one of the most significant pattern to understand in the prevention of most injuries. Rotation patterns are very specific to those joints deigned for rotation. The majority of injuries to the low back, knees and ankle involve a rotational mechanism. Without adequate mobility of joints designed for rotation the low back, knees and ankle are subjected to greater rotational stresses leading to significant injury. 

The standing rotation pattern identifies segmental movement of the hips and torso rotation specifically. The hips and upper back are designed for rotational movement patterns more so than the lower back, knees and ankle. The Standing Rotation Corrective Program will influence improved hip and upper back rotational mobility to establish the necessity of rotation occuring at the correct joints.

Sitting Rotation Corrective Program

The Sitting Rotation pattern emphasizes specifically rotation of the upper back in isolation. Limitations in
Sitting Rotation can be a result of tightness of the upper body due to increased use of the upper body in poor postures or poor postrual stability elsewhere in the body. The limitation of upper back mobility can create excessive stress to the neck and low back. 

Improving upper back mobility with the Sitting Rotation Corrective Program does not specifically focus on stretching of the upper body but emphasizes establishing stability throughout the body and postural alignment of the upper back. Most upper extremity discomfort, pain and injury can be directly influenced by improving upper back mobility with the Sitting Rotation Corrective Program.

Single Leg Stance Corrective Program

Mobility is one of the most important fundamental patterns necessary for authentic human movement. Once an individual has established mobility freedom it is essential to be able to stabilize all that movement. The Single Leg Stance Pattern is a modification of the famous Berg Balance Test and emphasizes the ability of an individual to remain balanced on one foot through two movement patterns. 

Essential for all human movement is the ability to stabilize joints to allow us to effectively get from one place to the other. Many compensated movement patterns and postural dysfunction can be a result of the body’s inability to stabilize itself. The Single Leg Stance Corrective Program is designed to improve necessary aspects of stability throughout the body.

BONUS: Maintenance Corrective Program

The specific ACM Corrective Strategies were designed to help improve any limitation or dysfunctions discovered during the assessment. The Maintenance Program is an effective way to preserve the adequate mobility and stability you already have as you progress with your health and fitness activities and goals. 

It is important to re - assess your ACM movement patterns often to ensure you are maintaining the most efficient and effective functional balance between mobility and stability.

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ACM Corrective Exercise Programs Package!
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  • Ankle Mobility Corrective Exercise Program
  • Toe Touching Corrective Exercise Program
  • Backward Bend Corrective Exercise Program
  • Standing Rotation Corrective Exercise Program
  • Sitting Rotation Corrective Exercise Program
  • Single Leg Stance Corrective Exercise Program
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  • Corrective Exercise Essentials E-book     ($47.00 Value)  
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ACM Corrective Exercise Programs
  • Each Individual Program Includes: Corrective Exercise Essentials E-book & Individual Corrective Exercise Program
  • Choose ONE (1) of the following programs: Ankle Mobility Corrective Exercise Program
    Toe Touching Corrective Exercise Program
    Backward Bend Corrective Exercise Program
    Standing Rotation Corrective Exercise Program
    Sitting Rotation Corrective Exercise Program
    Single Leg Stance Corrective Exercise Program
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