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  • ​Self-paced learning
  • ​25 Downloadable compelling training modules
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  • ​6 Pre-Built Movement Pattern Corrective Exercise Programs
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All Inclusive CETS I and CETS II

Entire Program Valued at $2597.00

ONLY $1597

Our accredited Masters Level Exercise Therapy Specialist Certification Courses provide the science, knowledge and resources to dramatically improve your current patient outcomes and client results while establishing your expert status and advancing your career in this growing industry.

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Jordan's Story

"Simply the BEST.
I had a sever neck pain, after the proper exercises I got from Mike i feel much better! Not only that, but he will self educate you about your body and pains. I learned a lot from him and my neck feels amazing."
Dalia, West Bloomfield MI
"Mike and Restore Exercise Therapy is the definition of professionalism. He has provided extreme amounts of value to help with recovering my ACL and MCL. I highly recommend talking to restore exercise therapy in relations to your injuries. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does."
George R – West Bloomfield MI.
Mike has saved my lower back from a surgery, I would recommend 100%. , being 20 and having lower back problems is a really really bad and annoying issue, luckily, I stumbled upon his business, and he is great at what he does.
Alessio C. – Bloomfield Hills MI.
"I like you to know that the pain on my leg is gone since I start doing the exercises you told me.
I have no words, to tell you how much I appreciated, all I can say is.
Thank you very much." 
Jose M, Southern CA
"I wanted to Thank You Soooooo very much for teaching me the stretches to help with my rib that I had strained a few days earlier. Those stretches relieved my pain immediately. I am sure I would have spent at least a couple of weeks in pain and on pain medications which I truly believe the stretches kept me from having to do. I have noticed that they are also helping to strengthen my back and my core areas as well. " 
Lory G, California
“Wow, the program is amazing!! I was experiencing excruciating, persistent lower back pain for approximately 3 weeks, disabling me to walk pain free or stand upright. I thought the pain could be remedied by going to the gym, by performing light exercises and stretching. To my dismay, this alleviated little of the pain or the spasms. I reached out to Mike, who listened to my symptoms and put together a customized program. Once I completed the first series of the program very slowly, I immediately gained the ability to stand upright, and with a significant decrease in the intensity of pain. Although the soreness has taken some time to decrease, overall I’ve been able to function, and walk upright with the continuance of the program. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and I have experienced first-hand, the results. Therefore, his methods have demonstrated they truly work and what he has to offer is highly valued! Thanks Mike!”  
Adelita G, California
"I’ve been using Restor since it was introduced here at my company as a tool to keep us injury free in field service, I have been going to the scheduled classes and after that I would kind of forget about it until I would get a sore back or whatever would hurt and then I would go see Mike Gee for some relief and Mike would always make me feel better in no time by giving me exercises specific to my injury. I recently hurt my back and was in pain like never before I was almost immobile and finally vent to see Mike for something more than just a quick fix, I needed something to prevent this from happening again and Mike put together a few quick exercises that I’m now doing everyday regardless if I’m feeling good or have a little pain and I’m again pain free." 
Per J, Southern CA
"I had recently re-aggravated an old injury to my left ankle and required physical therapy. Throughout the following four weeks, I was in a boot and going to therapy three times a week. During this month of rehab I was subconsciously compensating my weight to the opposite side. Once I was cleared to resume normal activity, I was working out and felt a sharp pain in my upper right glute and hip. For two months I walked around painfully, trying to avoid sitting down for longer than ten minutes. It was frustrating for me since I’m an athlete and live a very active lifestyle. One day when I was at my hometown gym and the Restor exercise therapy was introduced to me. I performed the assessment and my problem areas were pinpointed. I was prescribed a series of corrective exercises that I immediately started doing. The very first time I did these exercises I felt relief. I could touch my toes and was almost completely pain free. I have since performed these exercises daily for almost two months and have been fully functional and pain free. If I ever have a day where I’m seated for an extended period of time I will do these exercises throughout the day to ensure my hip doesn’t get bound up. I’m very thankful for Restor exercise therapy and would encourage anyone who experiences pain to give it a shot. I’m very confident in Restor's accuracy when assessing pain. If it worked for me it can work for you!" 
Seth S, New York
"I am so grateful for Restor. Most recently, I hurt my back (mid-back, right between my rib cage and hips) in a big way and could barely stand, sit or or even breathe without being in complete agony. I was home alone with my 3-year old at the time, and it was just two days before Christmas, so there was no way I could spend the day lying down. I called Mike at Restor, described my pain and injury, and he talked me through several exercises that helped me feel a lot better immediately. After doing the exercises for 20 minutes or so, I could stand and get through my day in a lot less pain. I continued to do the exercises several times a day for the next few days and was probably pain-free within four days. Restor also helped me with another episode of excruciating back pain last year (lower back), the day before I was scheduled to fly cross country for a family vacation. I called Mike at Restor and he created a set of exercises that enabled me to get through the flight and enjoy our vacation (though I had to do the exercises a few times every day). It is really amazing what Restor can do over the phone, and I don't know what I would do without them." 
Ayn C, California

"Over the past 2-3 years this athlete usually comes to me 10-14 days prior to a major event with shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, or some other lower leg issue and is like can you help me get ready. I typically end up doing some soft tissue work, maybe ultra sound or cupping, PNF and passive stretching, and usually end up kiniseo taping for competition just to get him through. Well after this years indoor championships I explained to him the benefits of the Restor assessment and the need to find and correct these dysfunctions and or asymmetries that are causing his constant breakdown. I had to explain that his current strength program obviously may not be appropriate to how he moves and is potentially just exaggerating his deficiencies. Well less than a month later and into outdoor season he is running completely pain free. The Restor assessment identified ankle asymmetries and a lack of hip rotation. Since initiating corrective exercises the athlete has eliminated the asymmetry and has progressed to stability exercises as he continues to work hip rotation. The big winner is he has been running pain free." 
Tim Z, Tennessee

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